PDO thread treatments are an excellent option for individuals who are interested in non-surgical lifting, smoothing, and tightening in areas of laxity over the face and neck. The procedure is done in our office in less than an hour. Results are seen immediately and last an average of one year.

When you arrive for your appointment Dr. Faludi will cleanse your skin and mark specific treatment areas. To ensure your comfort he will then administer local anesthetic. During the procedure he will use a cannula to insert absorbable PDO threads (sutures) under your skin and then gently pull them in the appropriate directions to lift and tighten the treated areas.

The threads do not need to be removed; they naturally dissolve and are absorbed by your body over the following months as they stimulate natural collagen formation to maintain the contours of the treated areas.

Post-procedure downtime is minimal. Some bruising and swelling can be expected and should resolve within a short time. During the first three weeks following your treatment, because the thread placement is new there are simple precautions that need to be followed. Dr. Faludi will discuss all post procedure instructions with you.

PDO Thread Lift