truSculpt® iD is an excellent option for people who are interested in customized non-surgical body sculpting  in areas that are resistant to diet and exercise. This procedure is effective in treating a wide range of patients who may not be candidates for other contouring treatments due to size or location of treatment area, skin type, fat thickness, or presence of skin laxity.  The procedure is performed in our office; no special preparation is required, and patients can return immediately to daily activities.

What to Expect During a truSculpt® iD Treatment  Dr. Faludi will measure and mark your treatment areas, then he will place the handpieces precisely where they are needed and begin the procedure.  He will stay with you during the entire treatment, which will allow him to adjust the heat settings to maximize your comfort.   When the procedure is finished, the handpieces will be removed and you will have a few minutes to relax and review post-treatment information.  Although the procedure will only require 15-30 minutes, you should allow 60 minutes for your entire appointment.